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The average costs of evicting rogue tenants in the UK has risen to over £9,000.00 – to include lost rent and legal costs. Rogue tenants are a landlords worst nightmare and apart from the stress and time consumed dealing with them, the financial impact can be crippling.

I am not just talking about the occasional bad apple that doesn’t pay the last two months rent of the tenancy and maybe leaves a mess. I am talking about people who know the letter of the law and every trick in the book to prevent you from getting rid of them, including how to stall court dates for weeks on end and how to delay bailiffs when they finally call.

This is why I recommend a good rent guarantee and legal expenses scheme. We recommend Goodlord who do our referencing. The benefits are :

£100,000 Legal Expenses


No Excess to Pay


Up to 75% of the monthly rent paid


Cover for loss of rent if the tenant defaults


This excellent product is priced at £25pcm with a rental value under £1000, £35pcm if over £1000. Like all insurance policies we hope never to claim ! It is a small price to pay for peace of mind when dealing with what may well be your main investment.

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